Saturday, February 05, 2011

Hoda ....and, "The Donald"

While down in Florida, I had the honor of meeting Hoda Kotb.  Hoda is the co-host (with Kathy Lee Gifford) on the Today Show weekday mornings.
I enjoy her on tv....but, watching her as the Grand Marshall of the Susan G. Komen walk in West Palm Beach made me into a huge fan.  She is spirited and gracious with a true positive energy about her.  She doesn't act like the celebrity that she is and certainly doesn't put on any "airs".  What a delightful lady! 

And, if meeting Hoda wasn't enough for this "star-struck" Grammie, I also "bumped" into Donald Trump. (I'm quite the name dropper, aren't I?)  My sister took me to a meeting that was being held in Mar-A-Lago-- which is Donald Trump's home in West Palm Beach. What I saw of it was absolutely beautiful....especially the grounds.  Below is a picture that I took as we drove up the driveway to his home.
As we were walking to the meeting room, there he was coming right towards us.  I shook his hand and told him how handsome he was in person (which he actually was)!  I would have loved to have had a photo taken with him....but, with all of his "people" standing just didn't seem appropriate at the time.  But, it was still exciting seeing "The Donald" in person!

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Beverly said...

I love Hoda! I am impressed with the Mar-A-Lago shot....