Monday, February 21, 2011

This "Southern Gal" hasn't ever seen anything like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is still coming down pretty hard.......and, there isn't any sign of a road anymore........and, it is too dry to make a snowman.....I am guessing that we now have about 18 is quite cold......BUT, this snow is breathtakingly (sp?) beautiful....and this girl from the Deep South is enjoying every minute of it!!!!!

I went out for a walk in this fluffy, white stuff and found myself almost knee deep in the snow in some spots.
But, with camera in hand, I tried to capture some of the beauty of this Minnesota blizzard....and found it all very invigorating. 

I wish that the grandkids were up from their nap so that they could play with me in it!!  But, then again, this isn't really that exciting to them since it is a pretty common occurence around these parts.

But, for Grammie, it is a pretty incredible experience...  : )

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