Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Tomorrow, you're always a day away...." Annie

This time tomorrow I will be hugging, kissing, smiling, and spoiling these two grandkids!!!!!!!!!! 

After an early flight to Chicago and then Minneapolis, I will meet up with my partner in crime, the other Grandma, "Mimi", who I love and we begin our babysitting adventure together!

The kids know us as "The Screaming Greemies" because we have a reputation for expressing our joy, etc. by throwing up our arms and screaming together.  Thus the combination of "Grammie" and "Mimi" became "Greemie"... the name stuck....and, we love it. 

When Owen was first born we made our debut by singing a song of sorts to him.  The lyrics were quite brilliant (ha) as it went something like: "He poops he pees, he hears he sees....that's Owen...Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Owen."  The song was then followed with both of us laughing so hard that tears filled our eyes.  I can even remember that Mimi wasn't getting the words quite right and sang: "He poops, he peeps...." which totally put me over the edge as I became hysterical thinking that she was talking about a bird....not our brand new grandson.

And, that was even before the wine drinking had begun!

Laughter and silliness will abound as we enjoy our grandchildren together all next week....we always have so much fun....AND, it is so nice sharing the exhausting days with "someone my own age"! ha ha

One forgets how all consuming and exhausting watching two toddlers can be....especially two adorably energetic and high spirited toddlers!

Owen and Audrey have no idea what to expect when the "Greemies" come to town.

Watch out!  The Screaming Greemies are back..... 

....and, I, for one, cannot wait! :  )

(cups for coffee, tea....and, yes, even wine !)

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Susan Adcox said...

It's so wonderful that you have such a simpatico relationship with the dreaded "other grandma." I wish I had that. I had it with my oldest daughter's MIL, but she passed away a few years ago. How I wish I could share a glass of wine with her!