Tuesday, March 15, 2011

House update since "The Flood"....


Floors still torn up downstairs and in the Great Room...."Durock" sheets nailed down in kitchen/sunroom as we wait for the tile order to come in.....and the hardwoods, which will have to sit in my bare room for a few days to get "acclimated" to my home. : )
I'm getting used to the workers coming in and out every day as well as the sounds of hammering, sawing, buzzing....and, any other noise that you can think of that is loud.
I will say that, as usual, I have enjoyed all of the people who are coming to work.  Because I work with my hands as a potter, I so appreciate their handiwork and skills. I always tend to get very close with the workers in my house, which many would say is not such a good idea.  But, I feel like we are a team....and, thus, I treat them as "teammates".  And, that includes homemade cookie baking.... : )
With that being said, I am anxious to get my house back soon.
Looking forward to "normalcy"....whatever that is!


Susan Adcox said...

Didn't know that you are a potter! Have you posted pictures? I am a pottery lover.

Tabor said...

Nothing wrong with getting close to your workers. I think that is fine...as long as they do not find it interfering. I used to bring them homemade cookies on occasion.