Sunday, March 13, 2011

These random cell phone pictures don't do it justice as I couldn't really see what I was capturing....


Picture yourself in the middle of downtown Birmingham adjacent to the railroad tracks on a warm, beautiful early spring day.

All around you are people of all ages, colors, sizes, etc. just enjoying this little oasis in the city.
Some were walking the paths while others were setting up picnics on the massive grassy areas.
Children were riding bikes on the trails....with the really adventurous ones riding down the bowl-shaped
sunken areas made especially for this fun.
A man walked by us grasping a bunch of brightly colored balloons as his wife and little boy followed along
getting ready to celebrate a birthday.
The playground areas are scattered around the park and we could hear the children's laughter.
Others had chosen to take off their shoes and run freely on the grass with total their parents sat on benches or blankets watching them nearby.

A little red trailer was parked on the premises offering to sell  a juicy hotdog to anyone who was interested.  A small area was set aside for those who wanted to sit and "dine".

This downtown park spans several city blocks and was newly built on an area that was pretty much a junkyard and an eyesore before.  Local donations have turned it into a safe haven for all to come and enjoy. There are streams running through it along the grass and under wooden bridges.  We passed an herb garden just starting to pop out of the ground.
As the warmer weather begins to be an everyday thing, I can't wait to see the fledgling plants, flowers and trees begin to show their beauty.

Today I felt proud of my little city as Dave and I walked on the trails taking it all in and doing some good "people watching"!

It was a nice feeling and a great way to start our day. : )

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