Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's 'Girlie Time' again! : )

I have been so looking forward to Monday getting here in that I am going away on another beach trip with the Girlies!!!!

This much needed break from the craziness of the house will be so wonderful....I can't wait to get my toes on that beautiful white sand....and toast the sundown with a cool glass of wine!

Talking, playing Mah Jongg, eating, eating, eating, wine drinking, laughing, reading, relaxing, breathing, etc. etc.

....just what the doctor ordered!  : )

(I will post from there when I can....xoxo)


Susan Adcox said...

Color me jealous. But have a great time!

Grandma Mary said...

I must be doing something wrong. A girl trip, what a dream.
Anxious to hear all the great stories. Have a great time.