Monday, April 18, 2011

My first-born turns 37 today!!!!!!

                                                        (Adam and Jenny-2010)

My dear Adam,

I'm not sure where the years have gone...but, today you are actually turning 37 years old!!! How did that happen so quickly?

You epitomize JOY with that huge smile that is always on your face.

You are an incredible father to Owen and Audrey and I see you passing all of your good traits down to them. How lucky they are.

Your optimistic, kind, and enthusiastic personality makes you beloved to all who are fortunate enough to know you...

I wish you all good things as you celebrate your special day!!

Happy, happy birthday, Sweetie....have a big piece of cake on me!  : )

I love you,

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adam said...

Thanks so much for the wishes and the call-out on the Buddha Board! Love you lots and hope to get you up to Minny very soon!!!