Monday, May 16, 2011

I stared at the three miniature muffins, the one large sticky bun, and the bagel on my plate....

...and, thought to myself...."What's with all of these carbs?  Do I think that I am training for a marathon???!"

Dave and I attended a friend's daughter's wedding over the weekend.  It was held at Reynold's Plantation on Lake Oconee (Georgia) and was quite well as a definite "eating fest".  My plate of food was from the Sunday brunch buffet which was quite delicious as well as highly caloric....and, I didn't let a thing go to waste.

OK. I did, at least, put some fruit on the plate....and, later got scrambled egg I got a little taste of some healthy food.  Very little. :  )

Ah, the next few weekends I will be staying home!  I have been traveling so very much that I am really going to relish these next few weeks without anywhere to go.

Maybe I can even get my hands back into the clay and be productive for a change...

There is a road that I travel on almost all of the time that was hit hard by the bad storms a few weeks ago.  It is right near my home and the entire look of it has changed....huge trees are now cut up and lying on people's yards waiting to be picked up and taken away....roofs are covered with blue tarpe to protect the insides of the homes...electrical poles are slowly being put back in after so many of them were destroyed...etc. etc.

It is like the topography of the area is totally different.  It used to be this tree-lined drive and now all that you see is sky.

No matter how many times I drive down it....I  get upset every time that I see the destruction.
I just hope that the people who live in those houses are doing sad.


More good news continues to come from Mom and "The Home".  She and her "steady" are still doing well and having fun.  In fact, I think that she is having more fun than I am these days!  "The Home" has so many events planned that it is nonstop entertainment....They recently celebrated Cinco de Mayo with Mexican food and a full blown Mariachi band.  Prior to that she dressed up with a hat, pearls and gloves to attend the "Mock Royal Wedding".  :  )

I can't wait to hear what is next!

I'm not happy with American Idol these days.  I was quite disappointed that James Durbin was eliminated last week.

Having Turrett's Syndrome as well as mild Aspberger's made him a role model for so many people.  His story was inspiring and his singing was excellent as well as entertaining. I hated to see him go.

I enjoyed his extremely emotional performances.  He really sang from his heart.

Here's hoping for a successful future for this young man.  I can't wait to buy his first CD.

Well, I see that my hummingbird feeder is empty....time to make some more red sugar water for them!

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