Thursday, May 05, 2011

Run for the Roses

Well, today I am going through my "going out of town" rituals.  You would think, that with all of the traveling I have been doing these last few years, I would have this down pat.

But, I don't.

I will still pack and unpack until the very final weather report on Louisville comes out.  Right now temperatures are going to be cooler than usual....soooo, I may have to throw in a jacket or two?

I saved doing my "roots" until today (I know that you thought that I was totally natural) as well as polishing my well as other routine "maintenance" things.

I like to leave my home nice and straight and clean whenever I leave, that is on my list.

And, my plants certainly need to be heavily watered....not to mention the birds awaiting several days worth of bird seed in the feeder. 

I must reset the sprinkler system (it went out during the storms) so that it does not think that this is January, 1997!

Alarms-check.  Auto lights-check. Boarding pass-check. Mail stopped-check. Newspapers stopped-check. Neighbors alerted-check. Bills paid-check.

I'm  exhasuted and I haven't even gotten off of the ground yet...
I have been asked what my favorite horse is this year in the Derby race.

Well, since my picking "system" is so very flawed I almost hesitate to share....but, I will.

You see, I always go on feel....or the sound of the name....or the color of the silks.  I rarely read the information on the horse and/or jockey.

So, my picks so far are:

Mucho Macho Man (takes me back to my disco days with the Village People!)
Pants on Fire (who can resist a name like that?)
Archarcharch (huh?)

and, possibly:
Watch Me Go
Have a great weekend all!
:  )


Granny Annie said...

I went for Pants On Fire because of the female jockey. I'm always hopeful a gal will ride to victory someday. Looked for you in the crowd:) Happy Mother's Day!

Susan Adcox said...

It was an exciting race! I'm sorry one of your picks didn't win, but I bet you had a great time.