Monday, June 06, 2011

Time flies when you are having fun.....

"The bad news is time flies.

The good news is you're the pilot."

- Michael Althsuler
We got home late yesterday after spending five fun, and exhausting days in S. Florida with the family!
When I got back home and settled in I realized that I hadn't blogged the entire time.....and, asked myself where did the time go??  It certainly seems to fly by these days! I wish that it would S-L-O-W down...
The main reason for the trip?  My nephew and his fiance' were being honored at an engagement party.  It was quite an affair.  My sister, Karen, did everything in her wonderfully special way, as usual.  She had about 100 people in her beautiful backyard with tables set around the pool and under a huge (20' X 40') tent on the grassy area.  She picked out gorgeous fabrics (completely assorted) and made bright, happy tablecloths for all of the tables.  The tent was decorated with lights and colorful lanterns....a combo played music on the patio, the bar was set up for anything at all that one would ever want to drink....but, the hit of the night was the champagne served over passion fruit "bubbles" that burst in your mouth and then the whole thing was topped with a dollop of sorbet.  I drank my usual wine, but heard that the champagne drink was out of this world!

The bride to be's mom is a well known caterer there and she and her crew did all of the incredible hors d'eurves.  There was everything from artichoke tarts to mini-lobster rolls (my favorite).  Many people thought that the appetizers were dinner and began to move to the dessert table.....until the real meal of bar-b-que brisket, ribs and chicken was spread out!  I ate way too much of this delicious food......
Mom was there with her sweet "boyfriend" and the two of them held hands and smiled at each other all night.   She looked beautiful and continues to giggle like a school girl when she is around him....a "teenager" again at the ripe old age of 88!  You've got to love it.
As we all sat around the lunch table Sunday afternoon before catching our flights back home, glasses were raised..... to young love, joyous occasions, and, most of all.....FAMILY.

:   )

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Susan Adcox said...

Sounds like a beautiful party! Love the picture of your mom and her man. My dad is 95 and has been widowed for nine years. He has half a dozen lady friends that he talks to on the phone and occasionally visits with.