Monday, August 29, 2011

As I walked in my neighborhood this morning....

....I watched two little boys walking together ahead of their mother who was with a third child.  Suddenly, the youngest one turned around, looked back at his mom, and then took her hand in his. It was so sweet to watch them as they happily walked to school together.

Once I caught up with them, I introduced myself and got into a conversation with the mom, Sarah.  She and her family had just moved into a home near me.  She said that she walks her three boys to school every day.

I spoke with the boys asking them about their teachers, etc.  Although a bit shy at first, they did begin to share some thoughts with me about school. The youngest was in kindergarten...and he was the one I watched holding his mom's hand tightly the entire time.

Suddenly, my mind went back to a time 32 years ago (how can that be?) when I took my oldest son to the very same school.  I can recall that feeling as I would drive him up to the circular drive at the back of the school and watch as he walked away and into the building alone.  I still get a little lump in my throat thinking about it!

Back then the kids didn't use backpacks and instead had to lug handfulls of books in their little arms.  This sometimes meant that things went flying as they got out of the cars. It seems so much easier for the kids now...

Three years later I sent my youngest off to the same school and got the same lump in my throat.  But, it was nice having them in the same place for a few years.  Comforting in a way.

Of course, it wasn't long before I was joining carpools as my oldest began to attend the Junior High.  In a blink of an eye that changed to high school and then college wasn't far behind. I miss watching my two boys journey through school every day.  I loved every minute of being a mom when they were still at home.

Now, they are both  living far away in two different cities watching their own children go to school.  As their children grow, I wish them the same joys that they gave to me.

It is such a mixture of emotions watching our children grow and go out on their own.  I feel such a loss not having them around all the time....but, so much pride and happiness to see them flourishing as young adults.

~All of this reminiscing just from seeing  three little boys on their way to school this morning, wishing that I could have stopped things from moving so quickly back then.... for just a while.... and yearning for that time so long ago....

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