Monday, September 26, 2011


Sometime during the cutting down of the tree that fell in my backyard, some chigger bugs decided to set up housekeeping in my skin.


Red spots popping out all over....itching, itching, itching....and, even some achy joints..... are the results of these little red bugs obviouusly found in my wooded back yard.

Dave was bitten, too.....but, his body didn't react nearly as much as mine.  Aren't I lucky?!

I have applied this gooey, sticky stuff on the spots....I have sprayed with products that promise to rid the body of these critters....however, nothing is really giving me the relief that I seek.

So, I called my doctor this afternoon....let her take a look at my bumps....and got a steroid shot while there.

I asked if there were any side effects from the shot....she laughed and said that I might feel energized tonight.

So far I have baked six dozen cookies for a party coming up this Friday and I am still raring to go....looking around the house for things to do.

But, at least the itching has calmed down a bit.

: O


Granny Annie said...

Hope the steroid shot doesn't pump up the abilities of the chiggers who bite you next.

Susan Adcox said...

I just got over my first case of poison ivy. It was kind of like chiggers in that no one takes it seriously, except the person who is seriously itching to DEATH!