Friday, June 01, 2012

Assorted stuff.

I had paper crunkle (word?) up in my printer this morning when I was trying to print an important letter to the water company. The error message kept coming on and the "something is terribly wrong" light started to blink on the base of the printer.  Frustration ensued as I searched all over for the product manual....all to no avail.

I tried to look for answers online and found sources that would actually help me get a product manual...however, this became one of those "going around in circles" kind of things.

So, I called the Canon printer help line.

A very cheery gentleman answered the line after a short wait.  He got the usual information from me and began to find out what my issue was.  "'Crunkled' paper somewhere in my printer", I replied. He laughed...and then began to patiently, and with great kindness, help me get to the paper culprit.

It was such a different experience that I have had in the past with technical help that I immediately sent an email to his "higher up" to sing the praises of this gentleman.

I hope that he gets a raise. : )

Summertime means "opening-up-the-pool-which-is-probably-green-from-being-closed-up-all-winter-time"!
And, true to form, it was.  While I dread doing this chore, it is a necessity if there is going to be any swimming done at all this summer.

Dave says that I should write down the steps that we take from year to year....along with important tips from things that we have learned the hard way in past years of opening up the pool in the summer.

Of course, I never did, once again, we had to struggle through chemicalizing, brushing, backwashing, and vacuuming this money pit....making multiple mistakes as usual!

Since taking off the cover last weekend and pouring lots of $$$$$ in the form of chemicals into the green pond   pool, I can now report that, while it is still a slight shade of green, it is clear enough to see to the bottom.  Believe it or not, that is progress.

Maybe this year, I will write it all down.


Believe it or not, I am still dealing with the flood of 2011, where I arrived back home, after a week away, to find my kitchen, den, and downstairs under water.  The guilty party was the little innocent looking tube that feeds water into the back of the refrigerator for the icemaker.

The issue that remains is that the new hardwood floor is still very "cupped" (curled up at the edges....most likely from moisture that remained underneath).  The gentleman who did the floor (a year ago) maintains that he will come over and re-sand and re-stain it for me...but, everytime that we speak, he puts me off for "two more months"!

The contractor on my case is MIA.  No one can seem to get in touch with him....and, unfortunately, he has left many unhappy clients in his wake.

So, I am continually trying to get to the right people to have some recourse in all of this.  It is an exhausting search, but I am determined to find fairness in this mess. In my naivete I keep thinking that the people responsible for this will come forward and make things right.

Maybe it is time to take off my rose-colored glasses...?

With all of this, I can't help but smile as I think about the wonderful Cape Cod wedding weekend with my, I will end by posting a few more pictures of that joy.....

:  )

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