Friday, June 08, 2012


As I headed up to bed Wednesday night, I heard a strange rustling sound overhead.  It was coming from my attic and it was right above my bedroom.

It was unsettling to say the least.

As I began to envision some critter up there either running laps or dancing the night away ( Toga party?!) in my insulation, I began to think about whether or not this "thing" could get to the inside of my house.

Obviously, I wasn't going to be getting to sleep anytime soon.

I called "Critter Control"...but, of course, at 11:30 pm no one was going to be answering the phone.  So, I thought that I'd try the non-emergency number of the local police department. No luck with fact, I am sure that the woman answering the phone is probably still getting a chuckle over my phone call.

Eventually I fell asleep and called the local Critter Control first thing in the morning!  A young (and I mean YOUNG!...I'm not even sure that he shaved yet....he looked to be about 13 years old...) guy came to the door ready to save this damsel in distress.

After thoroughly inspecting the attic area, he saw areas where something had been....but, did not think that the "trails" were that of a squirrel or raccoon.  Then he caught the eye of something in the corner staring right back at him.

It was a chicken snake!!! It was a  L-O-N-G and fat chicken snack. Ewwww.

So, my "Dougie Howser Critter Guy"  :  )  began to explain several things to me as he gently removed this snake from my attic....ewwww, again.

1) The noises that I heard may have been the snake going after something else in the attic. (I didn't want to know what that something else might have been!)
2) Most people don't realize that there is a gap between roof shingles and gutters.  This gap, coupled with all of the trees surrounding my house, can be an opening for critters such as this snake.
3)  The best remedy (and, also the most costly I might add!!!!) is to seal off this area with a special kind of gutter guard that they give you a lifetime guarantee on.  A guarantee that no more critters will be able to get into my house once it is installed and the house is "sealed".

Guarantee?  No more critters?  Lifetime?

Hand over the paperwork so that I can sign on the dotted line?????!?!?!? Done.

The only "critters" that I want to hear and see around my home are those precious ones that I call my grandchildren.



Tabor said...

I guess my only question is why do your keep your chickens in the attic? '-)

Granny Annie said...

Well Tabor ask the only relevant question so I'm done here. LOL

Grandma Mary said...

You are too funny a grandma! Thanks for the good laugh. It is yucky though!

Lilia Marchi said...

Oh, my goodness! That is SCARY! Glad you got the critter problem sorted out. Yes, a gutter around the perimeter of the roof is definitely going to prevent other animals from getting into the house. It will also keep rain out of the house, which will prevent considerable damage. So really, you’re solving quite a number of problems by installing a gutter and a gutter guard around your roof.