Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mashed Potato Wars

You would think that Dave and I had something better to do with our time than have a "who makes the best mashed potatoes" contest, right?


He thought that his way of making them was easier and, the challenge was on!

I boiled several cut up potatoes and divided the whole pot in half when they were done.  Dave began to work with his half, and I did the same with mine.

Now, it seems that we have different techniques in making delicious homemade mashed potatoes.  I start the process by putting the cooked potatoes through a ricer.
This aerates the potato making it lighter and fluffier.  I then add some butter to the hot riced potatoes as well as some fat free sour cream.  Next comes a touch of garlic, salt and freshly ground pepper.  The finished product is lump-free and yummy.

Dave, on the other hand, likes to just mash his cooked potatoes with a fork or hand pastry blender as he adds butter and milk.  After whipping this mixture to a frenzy, he seasons it with salt and pepper.  "Simple and good" he says.

So, of course, I did a blind taste test with him.  He tried both samples of potatoes and then gave his opinion on which one was the best.

He picked mine.

Enough said.

:  )


Granny Annie said...

Oh come on, are you buying the taste test bit? He knew which ones were yours and the guy is smart enough to know which side his bread...I mean potatoes...are buttered on:)

Grandma Kc said...

I just love it that you won! I do mine very similar to yours. I use a ricer (love it!) and add butter, salt, pepper, just a touch of garlic and whipping cream. Very yummy!