Sunday, June 24, 2007


Sometimes this crazy ride of life throws you a curve and you don't quite know how to handle it.

Such is the case with Dave right now as he deals with his sister's continuing health issues. He goes to sleep at night thinking about her and wakes up in the morning with the same thoughts. It has become a constant in his life.

I can see the feeling of helplessness in his face and the sadness in his eyes.

I want to make things better for him, but realize that I can't fix this. He has to work this through himself at his own pace. I did convince him to take our morning walk today at a park...with its winding paths through the tall trees and streams, my hope was that getting out in nature might soothe him a bit. If nothing else, it provided a diversion.

I am sure that not living in the same town makes it all the more difficult for him as he is getting all of his information via the phone and not in person. It is a very tough situation.

Cancer is such an insidious disease. It doesn't seem to differentiate between who it affects as it seemingly moves in and becomes a permanent part of your life. The "weapons" used to fight it (such as chemotherapy) can bring along a whole range of pretty miserable side effects. We have seen this firsthand with his sister.

In my helplessness I try to think about what part I can have in all of this. Maybe continuing to spread the word about preventive health care?

Her cancer started in the colon before it spread. I implore all of you who are 50 years old or beyond to do yourself and your loved ones a favor and go have a colonoscopy. When caught early enough this disease offers a more hopeful prognosis.

So, why wait?

Do it now...


Incognito said...

Has she looked into complementary therapies i.e. alternative, holistic medicine in addition to the western meds. They have been helfpul to many, many people with cancer, that I know of. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I have it under control with various herbs and supplements, much to the amazement of my Rheumatologist.

Dave's worrying is only going to harm him physically.

Sending best wishes to all.

I enjoyed your blog.

Grammie said...

Thank you so much for your comments and good wishes, Incognito. I will pass the info along to Dave.

I just visited your blog and found it wonderfully interesting. I will visit often. Great food for thought!

Take care...and thanks. again.