Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dave's Smoothie?

It had been a long day for Dave.

After spending three days out of town on business, he attempted to get back to Birmingham as soon as he could....but, the airlines were not cooperating.

A delayed flight kept him from making one connection so they rushed him through and got him on another flight...and then he ended up sitting in the next airport for about 4 hours. I finally picked up this weary traveler around 7:30 p.m. last night and headed back to my house.

He didn't have much of an appetite at first and it was too late for me to start preparing something too I just decided to make some quick stuffed mushrooms to nibble on...along with a glass of red wine for both of us.

After standing at the refrigerator looking for something appealing to eat.....I finally convinced Dave to use some of my (very) ripe (rotten?) fruit to make a smoothie--- thinking that this might be a light and refreshing drink for him to have at the end of his long day. So, he started with some peaches and then added a nectarine. It was looking pretty good and healthy so far. I had other fruit available, but he decided to put in some vanilla and strawberry ice cream for a creamy coolness.

I was okay with all of this until I saw him scraping a fudgesicle off of the stick and adding that to the mix. ugh. And, then for the final touch, he poured a bunch of milk on top of the whole thing. This was blended together and I have to tell you--it didn't look too fact, it looked like mud. He stuck the whole thing in the freezer for a bit and then later enjoyed every last bit of it...

So, there he was, happy as a clam....playing computer poker, sipping his smoothie, drinking his wine and munching on stuffed mushrooms.

Quite a combination, don't ya think?

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