Monday, May 12, 2008

"Chef Dave's" Delicious Dinner

As the doors to the kitchen were closing, I was told not to enter until dinner was ready.

Dave was going to be busily preparing a special Mother's Day dinner for me since my family all live out of town.

As time went by I could hear him scurrying around as he began to create this special meal. The smells that were emanating from the kitchen were a wonderful tease as my curiosity was now quite piqued.

Finally, the moment of truth arrived...and I was summoned to the kitchen.

There my personal chef (!!) had put together a lovely (and delicious!) meal for the two of us. Here is what was on the menu: Mediterranean Scallops, Artichoke-Mushroom Pasta, steamed asparagus sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, and hot rolls fresh from the oven.

White wine was served with the meal as every bite was totally enjoyed and savored!

Topping off this fabulous meal, Dave brought out a bowl of fresh strawberries for dessert.


I am a lucky woman...

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Beverly said...

Oh, that's wonderful to have someone cook for you. My son does a lot of cooking for the family since he gets home earlier than Sabrina.