Monday, June 23, 2008

Owen chooses banana over Audrey!!?!

I am here in Minneapolis grinning from ear to ear as I enjoy my grandkids!

New baby Audrey is absolutely beautiful (spoken like a real grammie!) and so sweet. She feels so tiny compared to her big brother Owen who has grown by leaps and bounds. He is talking up a storm and such fun to be around...I wish that I had his energy. : O

Initially, he was not quite as impressed with his new little sister as we all were. This video is proof of that as it shows Owen coming to see his Mommy at the hospital...and also to get his first glimpse of baby Audrey.

After running to his Mom's arms with some fresh flowers...he then walks away and heads right to the backpack and a BANANA!

In the video, his Daddy asks:"Do you want to see Audrey?" which Owen answers with a very blase' "no".

Seeing him run to the backpack, Daddy then asks: "Do you want the banana?" which Owen emphatically and enthusiastically answers "YES!" while jumping up and down with joy.

Owen, just wait until your little sister starts bringing cute girls over to the house when you are a teenager.

We'll see how important those bananas will be then...

: )

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JeanMac said...

What a delightful video.