Tuesday, April 28, 2009


There are some things that occur in one's life that just make you say; "Why?"

For example, I am checking the weather for Louisville, KY, several times a day daily since we are heading there Friday for the Derby. I read and reread the weekend forecast and even watch the latest video. Why? Do I really think that I have any control over Mother Nature? Will my constantly checking it out make the rainy and stormy forecast any better? Why am I making myself crazy?


I recently heard a consumer alert hint on television. They were talking about what to do if your phone falls into water, or any other liquid. One of the things expressed was not to microwave your phone!

Why would anyone even consider that???

A blow dryer maybe, but microwave? C'mon people....why?


The neighborhood dogs have been barking nonstop around here. I am not talking about a little bark here and there...I am talking about hours....constant bark! bark! bark! for hours! Why? Can't they say what they have to say and then remain quiet for a while?

Actually, I think that Dave may have asked me the very same question once (or twice).


Lately, I find myself eating when I'm not even the slightest bit hungry. Why?

For example, my sister introduced me to these incredibly totally addictive wonderful cocoa roast almonds. They are sold under the Emerald brand and are merely roasted almonds with a dusting of dark chocolate on them. To say that they are good would be an understatement. They come in this green container with a screw on top that I have now unscrewed a million times as I continue to reach for more of these morsels.

I keep telling myself that almonds are good for you, dark chocolate has been found to be healthy...and, what about all of that exercise opening and closing the top of the container?

I am totally kidding myself about this...Why?(Mmmmm, they are so good...oops)


While shopping the other day, the saleslady began to help me with some jeans that I was looking for. She convinced me to try on these ultra skinny-legged blue jeans and roll up the bottoms into a haphazardly-folded cuff.

"This is the latest style!" she exclaimed, "Throw on a pair of flip flops and you are all set!"

So, of course, I walked out of the store clutching the bag with my new fashion statement inside.

Putting them on the next day to go to an art show, I did the cuffs just like she said...threw on a shirt....looked in the mirror and said, "WHY?". Why is this 60 yr. old woman dressed like a teenager?!?!

Ya gotta laugh...


Then there is the issue of looking up medical things on the computer. Most of it tells the extremes of certain medical issues and gives you a million symptoms that you suddenly begin to experience as you are reading.

The anxiety that it brings about can be overwhelming at times. Why do I do this to myself?!?

Maybe I should go look up "anxiety symptoms" online and see what it says!

: O



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JeanMac said...

I bought Capris this year - I, too, am asking "why?".
I love your posts. BTW, here in our city, if a dog barks constantly for 15 minutes, dog Control will visit.