Thursday, May 07, 2009

Grammie's Bar & Grille:now open for birds and....RACCOONS?!

I must say that I am quite generous with my backyard birds.

I continually keep their feeder filled with a wide variety of seeds and nuts...Thus, there is backyard peace and harmony for all.

However, the other day, I noticed that the feeder was emptying at a much more rapid rate than usual.

Later on, with a little detective work.... I found out the reason...

As I looked out my back window...there staring at me with those intense eyes surrounded by his furry mask was this scene:

I guess that the word got out that there was "good eatin'" over at Grammie's...because here was this raccoon holding onto the bird feeder and snacking away! What he didn't get to eat fell on the ground and he came back today to munch on the dropped food. I snapped a few shots of him...and then opened and shut the door to scare him away.

When the coast was clear, I went back out and moved the feeder as far down the branch as I could to keep him from being able to reach it. Then I settled back in the sunroom to watch "the show". Sure enough, within a few minutes, the raccoon returned.

After eating away at the food on the ground, he again attempted to climb the tree to get to the feeder. He wrapped his legs around the trunk of the tree and reached as far as he could...but his front paws couldn't get to the feeder!

Eventually, he gave up and headed back into the woods....probably to get one of his raccoon buddies to hang on to him so that he can reach the feeder again!

Stay tuned. : )


Beverly said...

I know they're pesky, but they're awfully cute.

JeanMac said...

They are cute but can be a real problem. My brother's koi were all eaten recently.