Saturday, May 09, 2009

Saturday Stuff.

Well, the mystery of my new phones cutting out in the middle of a conversation is finally solved. After countless phone calls to technical people in foreign countries and continual button pressing and holding while listening to elevator music....along with returning one set and purchasing another.....I found out that it wasn't the phones at all...turns out that it was a problem with the Charter phone lines! Sorry that I spoke ill of your phones, Panasonic!


I went to a local orthodontist on Thursday because I have felt that my upper teeth have been shifting as of late.

Now, I have worn braces twice in my 60 years....and, that is more than enough...but, I wanted to see what else could be done to straighten things out....before it got worse.

Sitting in the waiting room, I couldn't help but notice the huge board that hosted snapshots of smiling children who were patients of this doctor. They were all quite young, so I surmised that my picture would probably not be placed up there with the group.

This doctor is so young that I could probably be his great grandmother! That is so hard to get used to....but, then, lately everyone seems younger than me.

He is soft spoken and very kind and he suggested that I wear these clear plastic mouthpieces over my teeth for 5-6 months....getting a new one every month. It sounded plausible to, I agreed.

At that point another young person (nurse) came in and explained that she would be taking impressions of my upper teeth. An impression consists of a tray filled with gooey stuff placed in one's mouth for a few seconds until it begins to set. When done they will have a perfect replica of your mouth....this is not my most favorite thing to do and quite often can reawaken my "gag reflex". Fun, eh?

As I headed out the door after the appointment was over, I couldn't help but think that they never even asked me if I wanted my picture taken!



We have named the raccoon, Ralph.

No sightings of him today.

The birds seemed happy and much more relaxed.

They only had the squirrels to contend with...and, that they are used to. : )


I am hosting a baby shower for a daughter of one of the Girlie's at the end of this month. Ten other women are hostessing with me. Today I finished the invitation that I made. It has a picture of a stork carrying two new babies wrapped in pink and lilac in it's mouth....and the words; "We're seeing DOUBLE!" across the top of the page.

I guess that by now you have guessed that her daughter is expecting twin girls!

Twins run in their, it wasn't too shocking...but, I can't even begin to imagine having two at once.

It's a good thing that they are young parents....


Mom told me today that everyone at the home gossips all of the time. She said that it is all that they do. She was critical of this and said that they don't have anything better to do.

Then, she began to tell me some of the latest gossip.(!)


One of my friends asked me to get an online boarding pass on Southwest for their group while they are attending a grad school graduation in Indiana. For those of you who don't fly Southwest, they do not assign seats....instead you get a boarding pass 24 hours before your flight and it will give you a letter and number that defines where you stand in the line to board.

I wanted to get them as close to the front of the line that I, I posted signs all over my house so that I would not forget to do this on time.

As the time got close, I opened up the atomic clock (hey, this is serious stuff!)so that I would know the exact time and got my fingers ready to punch in the correct keys. All of their confirmation numbers and names were minimized at the bottom of my screen. I was ready! It is like being in a race as you are "competing" with all of the other passengers on that particular flight. It is a bit angst producing.

Luckily, I got them some pretty good numbers, so I think that they will be happy with the results.



I hope that you all got to see Michael J. Fox's special on tv the other night. I found it so inspiring. He is quite a guy....and his optimistic outlook on life is awesome and, something that we can all learn from. I was very touched...and, I wish him only the best that life has to offer as he deals with his Parkinson's in the year's ahead.


Well, off to take on my day....have a good one yourself! : )



JeanMac said...

I love this post!

Tabor said...

A lot of stuff happening in your life. I also need to get fitted for a night guard and am not looking forward to the process.

pheromone girl said...

I love your writing style. Thanks for visiting my posts, I'll be back to see you soon!