Thursday, May 28, 2009

....the green-haired golden dog....

"The green-haired golden dog?" you ask.

I will explain. Lately, I am finding that my "recollection skills" are not quite as sharp as they used to be. (Basically, I am having trouble remembering things from one minute to the next!) So, I decided to put a new plan into action...I make a "story" of sorts with the key words that I need to know to remember things.

As I was on my morning walk today, I began to think about some things that I wanted to write about in my blog. Not having a pencil and paper handy, I came up with the words above to help me remember.

They will make more sense to you (I hope) as you read through my post today.


I noticed how green everyone's lawns look right now since the week and a half of rain that has been falling here in Alabama. They look so lush and happy.

Of course, unfortunately, the weeds are really flourishing, too...I've never seen so many healthy and strong looking weeds interspersed on everyone's yards....kind of like the lawn is an equal opportunity place.


Does the texture of our hair change as we age?

This is the question that I am beginning to ask myself these days. For years and years I had poker straight hair...hardly able to hold a curl. But, now, I find that it frizzes curls up at the slightest hint of moisture or humidity.

So strange.

Ah, another joyous surprise of aging....


Have you heard about places that invite you to sell your gold? Since the recession they seem to be popping up all over...and, understandably so.

One of my dear friends is now going into the gold selling business and she invited me to a "gold party" at her house recently.

Not quite knowing what to expect, I dropped by and approached it all with a bit of trepidation. However, once I got there, I saw women really making a lot of cash on the spot for their odd, or unused pieces of gold jewelry.

So, I did what any other person would do, I ran home and began to search!

Unfortunately, I really didn't have much to collect...but, I did have a few unmatched earrings that had lost their "partners" years ago...a couple of knotted, mushed, and broken- very thin gold necklaces that I hadn't been able to wear in probably 30 years or so...and a couple of small gold bracelets that were in the same condition as the necklaces. I gathered my little group of "treasures" in a small pouch and headed back to the gold party expecting to make a dollar or two.

Right on the spot your gold is checked out to make sure that it is real...and, not just costume jewelry. If it turns out to be 14K gold, a bell is hit by the person examining it. Everyone cheers and it is quite exciting and fun. It is then weighed and the total amount of money that you have made is announced.

I was shocked to find out that my little pouch brought me over $340. in cold, hard cash!!! What a treat...and, coincidentally that was the same exact amount that I had just put on my charge card for my airplane fair to go up to MN for Audrey's first birthday in June!

Coincidence? Nah. I think that someone is looking out for me... : )


And,finally...a sweet little story about one of my neighbors. I noticed that he drove by me in his big white car every morning that I was out walking. He drives very slowly and has both of his beloved dogs in the back seat looking out the windows. I see him often going down the long dead end street that I walk on....leisurely making his way down to the end and then turning and heading back out...

I finally got up the nerve to ask him about these daily jaunts. His answer was that he takes his dogs for a ride every day through the neighborhood. They anticipate it, expect it, and, most importantly, totally enjoy it.

"How nice", I thought as I watched the car drive away...."I wouldn't mind being one of his dogs and going for a lovely car ride every morning..."

Ahhhh... : )


"The green-haired golden dog" worked. I remembered what I wanted to tell you today.

Pretty clever, eh?


Tabor said...

Very clever. It would not work for me I am afraid as I would think I was blogging about some yellow dog and I had forgotten it!

Christine said...

Very clever idea. I am going to try and remember that!

DeeJay said...

Great idea! Now, just remembering what it stands for would be my issue...LOL!