Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Hi Grammie!"

The phone rang early this morning.

It was my Minnesota daughter-in-law telling me that they were in the car and Owen wanted to sing me a song.

"HI GRAMMIE!" that cute little 2 3/4 year old voice shouted.

"Hi Owen!" my joyous 60 1/2 year (!) old voice replied.

And, from that point on we had a wonderful "conversation"....the first really long one... ever.

He told me that he wasn't an "Alligator" in daycare anymore...but was now in the "Snuggle Bunnies" group. He sang the entire alphabet song from head to toe.....minus the "X". : ) I clapped and congratulated his brilliant mind.

He talked about coming back here to visit me (did you hear that Adam and Jenny?!!!???). We then talked about all of the fun things that we did when he was here for the last visit. He remembered the balloons that we blew up for his daddy's birthday party and wanted me to tell him all of the colors that they were. We talked about the little thing on a stick that I had outside that spins around when the wind blows. I was beaming at this point and loving every single minute of it.

He answered all of my probing questions....including which state I lived in.

"Alabaaaama" he said, totally proud of himself for remembering. I then broke out into my own song, "Well, I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee....etc." (crazy Grammie!) : )

I asked him all about his sister Audrey and how I would be there soon for her first birthday. And, of course, we touched upon the fact that his birthday would be coming up shortly thereafter...and that he would be: THREE! (no way)

Suddenly, out of nowhere, he said "bye, Grammie" and I realized that he had probably had enough chit chat. So we said our goodbyes and that was it.

Someday, when you are grown up enough to see my blog, Owen, you will read this and find out just how very wonderful that conversation was to me.

Pure "Grammie Heaven".

Thank you for that, Owen.

I love and miss you so much...

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pheromone girl said...

What a happy thing! I remember my kiddos talking to all 3 of their grammies, and their aunties, when they were little. Now, they text their grandmas and the grandmas text back.

I'm so glad you got some Owen love!!