Monday, June 01, 2009

Don't say "cheese"! (please!)

We take a gazillion lot of photos in our family.

Thus, my children have grown up understanding that camera flashes are just a part of life.

Now, that same situation has trickled down to their kids, my grandbabies. In fact, I often say that all of the grandkids at one point or another thought that grandparents were just cameras with flashing lights...because we always had one aimed right at them!

Well, unfortunately Adam and Jenny innocently taught Owen (almost right at birth! ha) to say "cheese" whenever a camera was pointed his way.

So he did.

However, if you say "cheese" with a little extra emphasis, your face gets a bit contorted...the eyes squinch together and all of the teeth (or gums, in some cases!) are exposed. (Try it in front of a mirror if you dare...and, you'll see what I mean.)

Now we can't get Owen to stop doing his, now-to-be-called: "cheese face" and, more importantly, he has gotten his sister, Audrey to do the same.

Here's the proof:

Oh dear. : )


Beverly said...

That is too funny. I've been here two weeks and hadn't taken a picture until this morning. Ella has learned how to pose without the "cheesy" grin. Audrey is too funny in that photo too.

I like that Cardinals shirt.

pheromone girl said...

What adorable kiddos! It would be nice to see their eyes, I bet!

Tabor said...

I think the trick is to get them to say mashed potatoes or perhaps celery...?