Sunday, May 03, 2009

Here are a few shots from our "box" at the Oaks. We had a terrific view as the horses rounded the bend...and, luckily, the predicted bad weather actually held off...making for it to be a rather delightful day.

Unfortunately, this nice site was marred just a bit when I excitedly jumped up on one of the folding chairs in our box to try and snap a close up picture of the horses. With camera in hand and much exuberance I landed on the top of the chair causing it to move just a bit over the edge and collapse beneath me.

I was more humiliated than I was hurt...mostly because Dave was actually able to break some of my fall as he attempted to catch me before I fell like a lump on the concrete flying through the air.

It was a crazy move on my part. And, I have many bruises to prove it.


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