Sunday, May 03, 2009

...back home again....

Leaving early this Sunday morning for home, we found ourselves flying through a storm system that had pretty much settled right where we were heading!

The turbulence was the worst that I have ever experienced...and, Dave agreed. We were rockin' and rollin' through the clouds....not my most favorite experience....But, we got home just in time to hear the tornado sirens go off and severe weather arrive in my area! (We luckily escaped unscathed from the storms as we stayed down in the basement for a while until it all passed!)

But, none of this can erase the fun memories of our Kentucky experience at Churchill Downs.

So, did we win anything at the Derby/Oaks this year????? Did any of us bravely bet on that 50-1 long shot?

That will have to be another post...for tomorrow.

: )


Tabor said...

We left the day before (your horse race day) and missed most of the bad weather. Has been rainy and cloudy all day, though. Did you get any great hat pics? Love yours by the way.

Grammie said...

Tabor....I'm glad that you missed most of the bad weather!

Now, I am sorry that I didn't...but, no, I wasn't able to capture all of the great hats at the Derby! There is a website that does have them...just go to Kentucky Derby and find a link!

Thanks for all of your comments!
: )