Thursday, April 30, 2009


OK you American Idol watchers (and, I know who you are!)...what was up with Adam Lambert finding himself in the bottom two last night? What? Shocking, I tell you...shocking! This front-runner with the golden pipes should not have been in that position! "Grandma's for Adam Lambert" unite...get those fingers ready to vote for our boy next Tuesday night!

I mean what is this world coming to? : )


Talking about what this world is coming to...the Swine Flu epidemic has everyone in a tither...including me.

Now they are warning people not to put themselves in harm's way by getting in enclosed spaces...or around a large group of people....In fact, we are being told to keep a distance of 6 feet from others.

Now, let's see. Tomorrow morning I am getting on an airplane (enclosed place) and heading to the Kentucky Derby (gazillions of people)...Hmmmm...maybe I need to start to thinking about decorating a mask to match my Derby hat. Something cute with little horses on it?

: O


Talking about the Swine flu....Mom was telling me yesterday that she went to the bank and the mall on the van provided by "The Home". People are so skittish these days that she said someone on the van sneezed a couple of times...and everyone got very concerned and told asked him to 'stop sneezing' right now! That is like asking someone to stop hiccuping....can't be done just because you want it to.

I do remember when I was in high school and people used to hold their nose to "stop" a sneeze. All that did was blow your ears out....or, in some cases...their brains!


A gentleman (and I use that term very loosely) was on the view this morning touting his website. The women said that he was the first person to have been booed upon introduction.

What was his website that caused this negative reaction? It is a place for married people to go to when they are seeking someone to have an affair with. You sign up and browse through thousands of profile of other married men/women looking to have affairs.

He deserved the boos in my opinion.

(I wouldn't be surprised if there were millions of View watchers who went to his site just to make sure that their spouse, or significant other wasn't a member! )


I am having phone problems with my brand new Panasonic phone system. In the middle of a call, I get a "beep, beep, beep" and become disconnected to the person that I am speaking with.

So, I called the technical support number...and, after pushing numerous buttons on the phone, I was able to speak with a live human. He gave me some instructions to refresh the phones and off I went...relieved that there was a solution to my problem.


The next day, the same issue occurred and I was cut off of two phone conversations. So, a follow up call was made. This time I was told to re-register all of my phone handsets and voila! all of my issues would be solved.

Wrong, again.

In the middle of a conversation this morning..."beep, beep, beep"-- the call was ended without my knowing it.

Another phone call was made to Panasonic....aaargh....and, I am now instructed to send back the phone system and they will send me a refurbished one. Refurbished? Let's see. I bought a brand new phone system less than three weeks ago and they want me to ship it back to them (I pay the shipping costs!) and in return I will get a refurbished phone system in a week to ten days.

Am I crazy....or does that seem a little strange to you?

I am thinking that I will just pack up the set, return it to Target and purchase a brand new set instead....and, get it all done in one day.



Anyway, I've got to go and pack and finish working on my face mask for the Derby. (See below)

I'll be back on Sunday filled with lots of well as lots of money from all of my winning horse race bets too, I hope.

Have a nice weekend!