Thursday, May 14, 2009

I can't sleep... sister and I just finished watching the final episode of Grey's Anatomy tonight and it left me in a strange state of I thought that I'd write a post in my blog to see if I can shake the feeling.

For those of you who may have watched it, I am sure that you can understand what I am saying. For those who have no idea what I am talking about (!)...all I can say is that the finale' left us kind of was extremely intense right down to the last many things are still up in the air....which of the chararcters will end up living and who will die?? It was quite frenetic and then------a black screen...and, it was over.



I did have a lovely day today today with Mom at "the home". I met her there for lunch and got to visit with some of her friends...It makes me smile to see how loved my mom is in such a short time living there. I keep telling her that if they had a prom at the home, she would definitely by the Homecoming Queen! She just laughs when I say that...

But, the best part of our time together was watching Romeo and Juliet, the two swans that live in the lake in the middle of the complex. It seems that Romeo has been sitting on 5 eggs as of late....and by this morning, 4 of them had hatched! They all cuddled around their mother while the father kept watch over the group. It was really quite touching...and, Mom and I stood there for quite some time just watching them. Mesmerizing...

It was interesting to me to see how much pleasure all of the occupants of the home got from this newest event. All during the day people were constantly standing vigil over the lake keeping an eye on the mama swan. It really gave them something to look forward to...and to smile about as they watched the newly-hatched swan babies.

After dinner at my sister's tonight, I drove Mom back to the home in the early evening. As I walked her up to her apartment, she said to me:"How about if we go and check on the swans?"

I had actually been thinking of doing that myself....So, of course, I was delighted to do this with she grabbed a flashlight and the two of us headed out to the lake in the pitch black evening.

Once we got there, we saw Romeo and Juliet relaxing with all of the babies tucked under her by then. We couldn't really see much in the dark of night.

I imagine that as we were walking away, the swans were probably shaking their heads and thinking..."Who are these two crazy women out here tonight flashing their light on us?"

I guess that we will just have to wait until tomorrow to see if baby number 5 has hatched. Stay tuned.


Good night.


pheromone girl said...

What a beautiful thing to be able to watch! We have been watching a duck family at the park across the street that has 14 little ones.

I hope your visit is wonderful!

Tabor said...

Live going on in its normal and natural way is so reassuring as we get older. It is a perfect place for your mother.

Beverly said...

in regard to grey's anatomy...I figured it out at 5am while in the shower this morning before work....
You see, Meredith and DrMcDreamy did not have a formal wedding and so they will in a year of so....So they will skip to their wedding, Issey will be rushing to the elevator as a bridemaid, and she sees George, home on leave (after extensive rehab) to attend the wedding has to be that way!!!

JeanMac said...

Your Mom sounds like a real gem.