Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heading South

Tomorrow morning at 6:30 a.m. (yawn) I will be winging my way down to Florida.

It is a bittersweet trip in that I will be getting to visit with Mom and my three sisters...but, also having an "unveiling" for my Dad.

For those of you unfamiliar with this, in the Jewish religion the headstone is not placed on the grave until a year has passed. A ceremony is held to commemorate the placing of the headstone on the grave and family members usually gather with a Rabbi for prayers and blessings.

Even though Dad passed away March 4 of last year...we are doing this on his birthday, May 17th.

Missing you terribly, Dad...but, I know that you will be smiling seeing "your girls" all together.


I stopped by the bank while out doing errands this morning. I wanted to take the little bit (and, I mean little bit!) of money out of my money market account...where the interest rate is totally laughable....and add it to my cd....where the interest rate is still laughable...but, not quite as bad.

I was prompted to enter an office and standing in front of me was a 13 year old boy all dressed up in a suit. He was adorable, dimples and all, as he greeted me with a handshake and asked what he could help me with today.

"Yes, go and get your father so that I can make a transaction," I wanted to say before I realized that this little boy (okay, maybe he was in his early 20's) was the one that was going to handle my money.

Why does this keep happening to me....? First the doctors all look like teenagers and now my banker???? Why is everyone else so young?!?! Don't people hire baby boomers anymore?



Ralph, the raccoon is gone.

After he continued to do damage to my backyard, I had to call on my neighbor, Bob, to help out.

Bob left me with a large trap to capture this critter...with the promise that if we caught him-- he would take him for a ride in his truck and let him out in the woods somewhere.

All I had to do was put some peanut butter in the trap and wait.

He was such a smart raccoon in that the first two times he managed to set the trap off by just reaching through the cage to get the peanut butter on his paw.

After covering the sides with tin foil...we finally were successful!

Of course, once that occurred, I immediately began to feel sad. Was this going to separate Ralph from the rest of his family? Would he like his new place in the woods? Would he make new friends there?

I am way too emotional for this stuff.

I never should have named him.


I will try to blog when I can down in Florida...if not, I will be home on Monday, the 18th.



pheromone girl said...

Oh, no. Naming the critters is bad. We have squirrels that occasionally get in the attic and my daughter has named them. "Taking care of them" is not an option.

I love the family story about your dad. When we're sad about losing someone, it's always a pleasant surprise to remember them. Your tradition gives time to heal while you wait to "place" him. Beautiful.

Clara....in TN said...

Enjoy the time with your Mom and sisters. I'm sure that your Dad is smiling down on you!
And poor Ralph....but I would have done the same thing. He'll be alright!

Tabor said...

Any time we interfere with Mother Nature we must have second thoughts. I had the same problem with dozens of squirrels that we trapped and took miles away. I think that the Jewish tradition is wonderful, and wish we had done that. A year later you have perspective and acceptance. I think you will find it very fulfilling.