Monday, May 11, 2009

A Man and his Remote

This has always baffled me...

What is it about a man and the remote control?

It is like a king and his sceptre, an accountant and his calculator, a doctor and his stethescope, and artist and her paintbrush, a builder and his hammer, a................well, you get the point!

I am amazed at the skill in which Dave handles the remote. He can switch through the channels faster than the speed of light. I am astounded at his manual dexterity as he maneuvers his way through TV land. He can fast forward through a commercial or mute something that he doesn't want to hear within a nano-second. I am stunned by his ability to manage the remote, read the paper, check his online messages, watch sports, eat a snack, and play a round of computer poker...all at the same time...without skipping a beat.

And, I have learned not to invade his "remote domain". I don't dare try and take the remote from those tightly wrapped fingers of his! Volume adjusted? Ask the "remote king" and he will take care of it for you.

Yesterday, I happened to catch a glimpse of Dave sound asleep on the couch clutching the remote. (He says that he was wide be the judge!!!)

Even in his sleep, he doesn't relinquish that control.

Men....and their toys!



Granny Annie said...

ASLEEP! I can hear him snoring:)

The remote is the only thing Ron and I have argued about in our years of marriage. He gets real possessive about it.

Winifred said...

Men must be the same all the world over. My husband isn't so good at the multi tasking though. Our remote is very iffy!

At one time I could just go and change the channel from the telly when he fell asleep with the TV thingy as I call it in his hand. With this new Freeview box I can't, have to gently rise it off him.

Tabor said...

Oops. At my house I am the remote queen and can channel surf with the best of them. I can even see a second of show and move on and when hubby asks I tell him what show it was! Guess I watch too much TV.

Beverly said...

So funny....was there drool coming out of his mouth. I know I have had a good nap when I wake up and have drooled.....
I just found your comment to me about Amer Idol. I have decided that Adam will win. I like them all and hope they do have careers.
Are you still in the contest?
While I am here, your grandchildren are so cute....