Monday, May 25, 2009

The Swans at "The Home"

I had expressed earlier how mesmerized Mom and I were watching the brand new parents: Romeo and Juliet. (No, these were not two elderly occupants having a baby together....these are the names of the two swans who live in the lake at "The Home".)

While visiting down in Florida, Mom and I spent a lot of time just observing this new little family. The new babies were quite cute and there was a lot of anticipation as to when the next baby would appear. For the occupants of the home, it was a great diversion....and something special to look forward to. Every day there was a gathering on the bridge filled with smiling faces keeping an eye out for what Romeo and Juliet were going to do next. The joy that they got from this experience was really priceless...

In these pictures, Juliet is sitting on the last egg while the four new cygnets (baby swans...I googled it!) kept nice and close to their mama. (Unfortunately, the fifth egg never the family stayed at four).