Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day 2009

Dear Dad,

Well, this is the second Father's Day without you...and, it is still so difficult...

I normally would have been on the telephone giving you the "Happy Father's Day call".......We wouldn't talk long before you would hand the phone over to Mom and say, "Here's your Mother". I didn't take just weren't "chatty" like your four daughters! How could you be? You never got a word in edgewise with all of that estrogen surrounding you!

I found this picture of you with my two boys taken over 32 year's ago. That little baby in your arms being kissed by his toddler brother are now both daddies! How did that time pass so quickly?

I know that you would be so proud of the type of fathers that the two of them have become. They are kind and gentle...and loving....and family is of utmost importance to them both.

I called both of my boys today to wish them a Happy Father's Day...and, they were spending the day with their own families...just as it should be.

Living so far away from them makes me think back to how you and Mom must have felt all of those years while I was living here in Birmingham and you were down in S. Florida...My boys were growing up and only getting to see you all on occasion. But, this was where the jobs were...and this was where we ended up raising our family and making a home....

Looking back on it now I can't help but feel some sadness at the distance that separated us all of those years...but, I knew that you understood.

Father's Day was always so special to me...I just wish that you were still here so that I could tell you how much I miss making that phone call home to you...

Love and hugs, Dad.


pheromone girl said...

Sending a hug to your dad, who it sounds like you miss a lot. I'm gad you got a good one - you deserve it!

Tabor said...

I often think of how hard it must have been for my parents to live so far from me all those years. Right now I am only a little over an hour from my grandchildren and it is tough!

Granny Annie said...

Dear Dad, "Ditto" Grammie's letter to her dad. I couldn't say it better.

The toddler in the picture looks like Owen:)