Saturday, June 20, 2009


So far this morning I have checked my emails, sent a few out, read through the latest Facebook entries, scoured the AOL news updates, played a quick game of "Bubble Town" (don't ask), checked out my favorite blogs....and looked up the most recent tweets on my Twitter.

I'm trying to remember life B.C. (before computers)! Whatever did we do with all of that time? : O


Well, I am on my fifth, and, hopefully, final cordless phone set! After having issues with my first Panasonic set (phone calls cut out right in the middle of a conversation and I couldn't get very far from the base unit to get good reception)...I returned it and bought the same exact set in case it was just a glitch with the first one. It wasn't...the same issues continued.

Could it be my phone lines? I had the cable people out several times to check my phone wire connections and everything checked out, that meant that it had to be the phones.

I returned the second Panasonic and went shopping for another brand to try out...and, ended up with A T & T.

I loved the first set...the reception was excellent and there weren't any dropped calls.... but found out after purchasing them that they didn't have a headset jack. I like to have the mobility that a headset offers, especially when I am working with my clay downstairs.

So, I returned the set and ordered another A T & T set online. This one had headset jacks...but, many of the features that I liked so much on the first phone weren't there.

Back to the drawing board!

It turns out that the first phone was the newest model and that it was made to be used with a wireless headset...thus the absence of a jack.

So, I went online again and purchased the new set with the wireless headset......replacing A T and T phone number two. It is actually the same phone as the first one that I ordered...but, this one came with the wireless headset (still with me?)

So, the bottom line is that I am now quite happy with this set even though the wireless headset looks like something out of Star Trek.

At this point I am just happy that it works.

And, I thought that I only had issues with toilets.


It's another hot and oppressive day in I will be staying inside as much as possible trying to stay "cool"!

Have a good one wherever you might be...xoxo


pheromone girl said...

Ooh! I always say to the kids "They've been assimilated" when we see someone with a bluetooth in a store. I love it!

My favorite phone of all time was an AT&T - they are made really well.

Stay cool!!

Beverly said...

I've never had success with a cordless phone in my house. I'm about ready to get rid of my landline altogether.

I recently got hearing aids. They have a remote that has a transmitter and bluetooth so that I can use it with my cell phone and I can listen to my iPod without earbuds...uptown. I don't use the phone a whole lot, so I haven't used it for my phone yet, but I need to get with the system, especially if I step up like you did to a Blackberry. LOL

When do you leave? I know you're excited.

I think it must be unusually hot everywhere in the south right now. It broke a record here the other day.