Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hot stuff

Nice title, eh?

The heat here is really becoming oppressive. You know that when it is already 80+ degrees first thing in the morning...it's going to be a scorcher of a day!

In the meantime, my air conditioning system is working overtime...but, not in a good way. It is a very old system, but, it still cools the house unbelievably well. In fact, too well. The issue that I have with it is that the thermostat is upstairs (you know "hot air rises" yada yada!) and this keeps it running almost all of the time....making the downstairs too chilly and the basement area (my pottery studio) almost frigid! Thus, I find myself having to set the thermostat to around 84-86 degrees just to get it to shut off. Crazy.

Then, within a little bit of time, the house becomes sweltering hot! So, of course, I set the thermostat back down a degree or two....and so it goes....up and down....on and off.....!

I guess that I shouldn't complain...it could be worse...but, I imagine that my power bill this month is going to be a lot higher than these summertime temperatures...!



Well, I was one of the "crazy" people that tuned in to "Jon and Kate Plus 8" last night to hear "the big announcement".

It made me feel like a bit of a voyeur....and, it certainly wasn't entertaining....it was just SAD.

I am mostly sad for the children. Having lived most of their lives in front of cameras....they now will have the world watching them as their parents go through a painful divorce.

Of course it probably makes for "good tv" and, even better ratings...but at what cost to this family?

I say, "Enough"!

Stop the cameras and deal with your family issues privately.

Anyone agree?


So, last night I was searching in my pantry for microwave popcorn and, I promise you, it was nowhere to be found. I began to remove items from the shelves in that I knew that I still had three packs left in the box.

Now, I am getting frustrated as I continue searching around the kitchen.

No popcorn.

I'm embarrassed to say that I did finally find it....

....in my freezer!

(Yes, it did still pop....it just took a tad bit longer.)

I hope that this is just an example of "cluttered mind syndrome"! : O


Two more days until I will be up in Minnesota with some of my family!!!! I guess that I should probably begin the arduous task ahead and begin to gather items to pack. *groan*

As I try and decide what clothing to bring with me, I am thinking that heading up there might give me some relief from the hot temps down here....But, today, I found out that it is equally as warm up there right now as it is here.

Bring it on! I will be with Owen and Audrey and the rest of the clan...and, that's all that really matters to this Grammie!

Enough blogging....I'm off to pack! : )



pheromone girl said...

Hooray - have a fabulous trip!

And I keep my popcorn in the freezer, but not the microwave kind :-)

buddhist amulet said...

Hooray - have a fabulous trip!

Clara....in TN said...

I agree with you on the Jon and Kate thing. I think they need to forget about the show and concentrate on family privately. He has been unhappy doing the show for a long time but she likes the spotlight. It's such a sad thing for the kids. I have watched the show since it started. I felt sorry for her last night. She acts more heartbroken that Jon. Who know? Both of them have their faults, but who doesn't???? ENJOY YOUY TRIP!!!!!!