Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I can't believe that I did it.

I am now a crazy proud owner of a Blackberry Curve!

As my Verizon contract became due for an upgrade, I went to the store to see what was new. Looking at this cute, little cell phone, I found it hard to resist. I can browse the web and get my email on it!! I can send emails and check on Facebook, too. I can take excellent pictures and videos! Such a deal. All this....and I can even make a phone call or two!! Ha!

Add to this the fact that they were offering a rebate right now along with a huge discount for signing on the dotted line for two more years....making it all quite irresistible.

(Even though they have a way of convincing you that you absolutely need that cute little pink plastic holder to protect it....and, the memory chip that it comes with it is so inadequate so you need to upgrade that....oh, and what if you want to clip it on to your pants?...well, you must get the little leather holster which also puts it in a sleep mode....and, then there is the insurance in case it gets lost or damaged [this is where they tell you that the phone that you just purchased will cost you the retail price of $500. if any of those things occur and you don't have insurance!]...and, the car charger...we don't want to be out driving and lose our phone charge, do we?! How about the ability to text message? Extra charge. Ringtones? Extra charge.)

It was amazing to see how my adorable little pink "special offer" phone quickly lost it's discounts. Aack.

That actually turned out to be the easy part as I was able to hold off on adding too many other features to my new toy....with the exception of the precious pink plastic protector (try saying that 10 times!) that is clipped on..... : O

The hard part was going to be learning how to use it and all of its features!

Let the games begin..... : )


Femin Susan said...

very useful and looks great,.

pheromone girl said...

Excellent! You'll be so excited to have it... as long as you don't become one of those people I like to make fun of in meetings - always playing with their "crackberry"!