Friday, June 26, 2009


As a brilliant (non-prejudiced Grammie viewpoint!) almost three year old, Owen has begun to question everything.

After every statement that is made, he comes back with a "Why?". You then answer his "why" and he follows it with another "Why?"...and so forth and so on.

I love his inquisitive nature and try to keep answering his "whys" (is that even a word??)...but, it is not always an easy situation in that some things just don't have an explanation that a three year old can grasp.

But, we keep trying.... : )


Tomorrow is one year old Audrey's birthday party! The cake has been baked, the "birthday crown" has been made, the salads have been put together,the friends have RSVP'd...and, we are (almost) ready for it to begin!

Audrey probably won't have any idea what we are celebrating...but, the adults will certainly have a great time!


Tomorrow is also the 11th Anniversary for Adam and Jenny! They will be leaving first thing in the morning on Sunday for a little getaway while the grandma's stay here and babysit until Wednesday. We can hardly wait...The "Screaming Greemies" (Grammie + Mimi) are ready to spoil them!


Watching Audrey walk in her own little wobbly way has been great! She is a real pistol and gets into everything! We don't dare take our eyes off of her for a second...because one never knows what she might be getting into.

She has learned several of the baby sign language motions....especially "more". She uses that one quite often. Today she did it every time that we finished a round of "Ring Around the Rosie". Mimi and I could hardly get up each time after "we all fall down!"...but, Audrey did the "more" sign over and over again...and, we just couldn't resist.

A couple of Advil tonight and I should be able to move my legs again by the morning!


Good night all!


A tired, but delighted, Grammie


pheromone girl said...

How wonderful! I loe it that you're sharing Grammie duties - that makes it twice as fun!

Winifred said...

What a lovely post. Don't they ask such questions and as you say sometimes it's hard to explain things to them.

My granddaughter's latest thing is to ask what almost every other word you say to her means. How do you explain what because means or last week?

Have a lovely time even if it is wearing you out. That's what grandmas are for and at least you have good company. They're a lucky pair those two. Grandmas are priceless.

JeanMac said...

I remember the "whys". Hope your visit is super.