Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm here in Minneapolis...and, I'm smiling!

My son picked me up at the airport...we had lunch together...he went back to work....and then I went to the daycare to pick up Owen and Audrey!!

As soon as Owen saw me at the door he came running toward me and gave me the BIGGEST hug ever! *sigh* *sigh* *sigh*

Then on to Audrey's room where she was just waking from her nap. I was a bit apprehensive about whether she would really remember me in that the last time we were together was in April...and she was just a few months old then. BUT, she greeted me with a huge smile...! *sigh* *sigh* *sigh*

Grammie Heaven... : )


pheromone girl said...

You just made my hear LEAP!! Enjoy all the love!

Winifred said...

Ahhh bless!