Tuesday, June 09, 2009

With age comes wisdom?


Many of us would probably rather trade in that so-called "wisdom" for a chance to be in our 20's again....but, nevertheless, as I get ready to round the bend on my 60th year of life...I do have some thoughts to impart about some things that I have learned.

I still believe that each of us are put on this earth for a reason...even though it is not always clear to us right away exactly what that reason, or purpose, is. This doesn't have to be something lofty or incredible...it can be something very small but nonetheless equally important.

I also believe that people are put into our lives for a reason...and, that we are put into other's lives for a reason. We can either learn lessons....or, teach lessons....but, I have seen proof of this over and over again.

Then there is my "open arms theory". This is simply the ability to go through life with an openness about you...similar to extending your arms outward to welcome in whatever comes your way. The opposite would be the people who go through life with their arms folded across their chest...closing off people and experiences that may come their way. I feel that people who are closed miss so many spectacular moments.

Listening. That is a big part of my existence here on earth. I feel that everyone wants to be heard...and, it is such an easy thing to do. It can be so validating when someone gives you their full attention and truly hears you. At the very best, it is hearing with your heart and not just your ears. Sometimes we are so intent on telling our own story that we miss out on hearing from someone else. When I stop what I am doing or thinking and really listen to another person, I can see the light in their eyes. It is a joyful moment.

Appreciation. Even the smallest things can (and should) be appreciated. Whenever a salesperson goes out of their way for me I find out who their superior is...and make a call or write a letter and let them know how special this employee is. Think about it...they hear complaints all day long...how nice to hear the good things.

When a friend goes that extra mile....I make sure that I thank them. They deserve it.

Friendship. Wow. To me, that is such a beautiful word. I cherish my friends so very much. They are my family. We can agree to disagree but still feel the love of friendship in our hearts always. Laughing together or crying together....we keep each other grounded and connected. It's a wonderful thing.

Relationships. Whew...that's a tough one. No one said that it would always be easy. But, to me, the main thing is to be kind. Always. Treat the person that you love as good as....if not better....than you would a stranger. It takes the same energy to be kind as it does to be mean-spirited. And, you don't always have to be "right" in a relationship. It's okay to make mistakes and admit them. This isn't a contest with a "winner" at the end. It is a partnership where everyone wins...together.

Family. Just the mere mention of the word makes me feel so good inside. These are the people who you were lucky enough to have as relatives. Cherish them. They may carry a small part of your genetics with them. How incredible... how miraculous....how wonderful.

Well, I am sorry that I got off on this philosophical thinking today...but, these things are with me all of the time and, I felt that my blog was a good place to post them.

There are more...but, I will save them for another time... : )

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