Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Is it just me...or has anyone else noticed that packaging is getting smaller and smaller...but, prices are staying the same...or, going up! I started to pay attention to this lately and have been absolutely amazed. They are just little changes...maybe a package will contain 12 oz. now instead of 16. You wouldn't know it unless you checked out the weight at the bottom of the exactly-the- same-looking packages. They are making these changes very quietly...but, as consumers we need to be talking about it quite loudly! (Grammie, the Activist) : )


It is always interesting to me to watch how strangers respond when I smile and express an appropriate greeting (good morning, etc.)their way. Some will light up and smile back with a response...but, many will look away and avoid the contact. Some will actually try and act distracted as they approach me...possibly anticipating my greeting. And, of course, nowadays it isn't unusual to find people preoccupied with their electronic devices...keeping them from having to greet or be greeted. **sigh**(Grammie, the World Greeter)


Dave and I are hosting a "Rib Off" this Saturday night with two of Dave's golfing buddies and another one of his good friends (and wives and girlfriends...). Each guest will prepare a slab of ribs and bring it to my house. Without identifying whose ribs are whose...we will each decide which ones taste the best and crown a King of Ribs! Mmmmmmm. Dave is also going to cook a pork butt and I will make all of the side dishes. I promise pictures and a report on Sunday after the "Big Event". (Grammie, the Hostess)


Well, my airline tickets have been purchased for my next two trips to visit my grandbabies. First, I will be heading to Minneapolis for Audrey's first birthday celebration. I can't believe that she will be one year old already!

Next, I will be heading to Takoma Park to collect some hugs and love from 9 month old Celia! Celia just had her check up at the doctors today...all is well....but, she is a little peanut as she is small for her age. But, her growth is moving in the normal projection...she's just going to be petite like her Mommy!

When they wrote me about the percentages that she is is what I wrote back: 4th percentile for height-------7th percentile for weight------and, 100th percentile for "adorableness"! (Grammie, the Grammie!)


I have been knee deep in my clay for the last few days and it feels good. I am going to attempt to make enough pottery inventory to have an Open House here before the holidays. With all of my upcoming travel expenses...I certainly need the mula!


That being said, I am going to end here and head back down to the dungeon (my basement studio) and get back to work! (Grammie, the potter) : )


pheromone girl said...

Grammie wears lots of hats! I especially like the activist - I was at a national chain for lunch recently and what used to be an order of 8 potstickers for $5.95 arrived at my table with 4 potstickers (like I wouldn't notice?) and cost me $8.95. It's everywhere!

No, wait - my favorite is grammie the grammie!!

Winifred said...

I think the packaging here in the UK is getting bigger and the prices are too. The contents are staying the same. It's so wasteful. I recently opened a packet of dishwashing tablets which my husband bought at an extortionate price and found it was only half full! What a waste and a con.

Lokks like you have some travelling to do soon but you'll have some lovely memories to go with it.