Tuesday, July 28, 2009


When Dave plays golf each weekend he sometimes brings a "friend" home with him. This friend is quite small and very attached to him. You might even call it a blood-sucking friend who lives in the woods.

Yep. I am talking about a tick.

He has, unfortunately, found several of these critters on various parts of his body in the last few weeks.


After he removes them he is left with a red bump as a reminder of their association.

He gets "ticked off"....but, I tell him that he is just a chick "tick" magnet! : )


I think that one of life's more entertaining moments can be shopping for birthday cards (sad, I know, but, bear with me here).

Maybe it is because I am finally at the age (old) where the "aging" jokes take on a whole new meaning. Maybe it is because I can totally related to the messages within? Whatever it is, I find myself laughing at loud while trying to find the perfect card for a friend or relative.

For example the other day I saw one with an image of a woman around my age and she is saying: "We can still party till we drop." Inside it says: "And what a great ten minutes that will be."

Another one has two older women talking to each other and one of them says: "Another year older and we've still got what it takes to attract men." Inside: "A pulse".

You've got to laugh.


I have two hummingbird feeders in my back yard. I derive so much pleasure watching these tiny birds enjoy the sweet water inside the feeder.

However, lately, I have observed a larger bird hanging around drinking from the feeder. I didn't realize that other birds were drawn to this? Has anyone else had this experience?

Of course, being the "doting bird mother" that I am....I worry about them depleting the nectar supply for my tiny winged friends.

Like I haven't got enough things on my plate to worry about, right?!


My dear friend's daughter just gave birth to twin girls. She was four days shy of her 34th week of pregnancy...but the girls decided to pop out a little ahead of schedule!

One concern at this point in the pregnancy is lung development...but, I was thrilled to hear that both of them are breathing on their own and doing very well.

Of course, they will have to be in incubated in NICU for another 2-4 weeks until they are strong enough to head home. One weighed in at 4.3 lbs. and the other 3.13 lbs. Tiny, but compared to other preemies --who not only thrive these days, but beautifully survive--they are a nice size in comparison.

They all live in Atlanta, but I am looking forward to seeing some photos of these little angels soon.

My friend expressed to me how unbelievable she felt watching her daughter's two daughters. Those of us who have become grandmas can totally understand her feelings. It is like nothing else that one can experience in life.

Small miracles that we instantly fall in love with.



Well, "The Bachelorette finale was last night. What can I say? It lived up to all of the hype.

Jillian, the bachelorette had narrowed the field (!) down to two guys that she was supposedly in love with. The first one arrived at the beautiful Hawaiian spot where Jillian was waiting...and, it was there that she had to break his heart and tell him that she did not choose him.

Now, as we awaited the arrival of bachelor number two (Ed) to arrive in his white stretch limo....instead, we see an SUV drive up and Reid, the third place bachelor who couldn't commit, steps out and heads toward Jillian. When he reached her he said that he had been a fool not to express how he truly felt about her...and, that he did very much love her...and then.....he proposed!

Oh dear....now what should she do??

In the end she stuck with her original conviction to express her love to bachelor #2 and ditch Reid. Bachelor #2 (still with me?) then got down on his knee and proposed and they....."all lived happily ever after"????

Time will tell...but, in the meantime they are airing a special episode tonight where bachelor #1 and Reid both confront Jillian.

Such drama...I can hardly stand it.

Who cares about Health Reform when we have important shows like this to keep our attention? Ha!


Time to get back to work down in my studio (dungeon). I have one more bowl to paint this morning and then it is off to the kiln for the painted pieces!



pheromone girl said...

I'm so glad we don't have ticks here very frequently. I have friends in the south that are inundated.

I love to hear about your day!

Tabor said...

We have had a spring full of ticks and several people I know are being treated for Lyme's disease. I would not be bothered by ticks, except for that issue. Golf? My SOL has not picked up any ticks...yet.

Granny Annie said...

An enlightening post from ticks to bowls! No more wondering what you are up to.