Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I was sitting here eating my small portion of rationed chocolate....

....and, thinking about my day so far.

I started out this morning with my yearly visit to the doctor. Armed with a list of "getting old" questions (groan), I went through them one by one. We covered everything from my ears popping on airplanes to hot flashes and night sweats.

A fun time was had by all.


On the way to the doctor I laughed when I noticed a strange combination of signs. First there was the "Welcome to Homewood" sign which was sitting right in front of a large graveyard. A few feet beyond the graveyard was another sign warning motorists that there was a "Dangerous Intersection Ahead".



"Lordy, Lordy!" my friend, Sharon proclaimed. As of late, I have noticed that she has been using that expression quite often. Well, it seems that she is getting on her own nerves with it and is searching for another expression to use when appropriate.

So she "googled" "Lordy, Lordy" to see if that would help her out. All that she got were other religious help there.

Any suggestions?


I do most of my food shopping at the local Publix which is close by. After several years of shopping there, I pretty much have the aisles memorized. This certainly facilitates a quicker shopping trip for me as I know exactly where to go for what I need.

HOWEVER, today I was in for a shock as I began to push my empty cart through the store. They had rearranged all of the shelves and aisles!!!!!!! The nerve!! I couldn't find anything...and was quite perturbed.

When I asked about the reshuffling, I was told that all of the Publix stores are trying to get a uniform layout. They also have begun to put the organic products in different aisles on "bump out" shelving...instead of just making one aisle "organic".

I told the poor little innocent stock boy that I didn't like this new layout at all....and that old (cranky) people like me aren't really comfortable with change. It confuses us.

He smiled at me and probably walked away quietly laughing at me.

("Just wait until you are my age, sonny!")



One more piece of pottery to paint and I can get the kiln going. And, that is always fun heating up the already overheated house with my garage kiln.

Talk about hot flashes...!

Off to paint. : )



pheromone girl said...

I'm just discovering the joys of hot flashes (and durinbg a heat wave, no less - it's 108 in the shade in Portland. What's that all about??

What do you think of "Good golly miss molly!"?

Stay cool!

Tabor said...

I went through an entire year of night sweats and hot flashes and about died. But I refused hormone therapy and eventually everything got better.

Granny Annie said...

I always take a list to the doctor's office and then get so involved with the first question, we never get to the rest.

We took a picture once of a sign at the entrance to a cemetery that read "Dead End". I kid you not.

It is lengthy but my most common exclamation is "Goodness gracious sakes alive!"

You must not shop at Walmart because every week it seems they move things. It is a marketing ploy to cause you to hunt for old stuff in the old places only to be introduced to new stuff in the old places.