Friday, July 10, 2009

My passion--Part 2

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While my boys were growing up I made the choice to leave my teaching job and be a stay at home mom. While I was at home, I began to look for outlets for my creativity. Even though my degree was in Education, I always loved to draw and create. So, I began to do some little figures out of salt, flour and water. Word spread and families began to hire me to "make" their families out of the dough. Thus my "dough dolls" were created! Some people tell me that 30+ years later they still have these "little treasures" in their possession!

From there I went on to do some graphic design work...and, ended up free lancing for several years. I would design logos, invitations, brochures....anything that needed detail work or an illustration.

Since I hadn't ever had any real training in this, once my boys were grown and pretty much on their own, I decided to take a graphic design course offered locally.

Unfortunately, the class was already filled and I would need to wait for the next go round. In the meantime, I signed up for a pottery class at one of the local galleries.

I fell in love with working in clay and after repeating the class three times...the teacher finally told me to "get out there and sell my stuff!".

So, I did.

And, I've never looked back! : )

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pheromone girl said...

Look at how many similarities in our stories! No wonder I feel a connection to you!!

Have a most wonderful Friday!