Thursday, July 09, 2009

My passion....

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Several of you have (kindly) asked to see some of my, I have quickly picked out a few pictures of some of my work and made a collage out of them. As you can see, my work is quite eclectic.

My apologies, in that this may not be the easiest way to view them...but, I thought that it was the best that I could do with the space constraints. (I will try to put together another collage on a future post.)

Most of my work is hand-built from white earthenware clay. I start out with a lump of clay and through the process of slab rolling, I can create many different forms. I build all of the boxes from the ground up...and, everything that I do is hand-painted with underglazes.

As you can see, I prefer bright colors and whimsical designs. I also find myself putting a lot of "messages" of faith, hope, joy, laughter, etc. on my work.

This really makes the pottery an extension of who I am.


pheromone girl said...

I just knew I'd love your work! Your style is wonderful and I'm excited that it includes such positive messages!

Beverly said...

Oh, I love your whimsy. It reminds me a bit of Mary Engelbreit, and I'm wild about her work. I especially love your cat one up in the corner. TN said...

I love it!!!! ALL of it!!!!

krishna kashyap av said...

Wonderful art work..
It looks amazing.
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