Wednesday, July 08, 2009

While walking this morning....

You know that your house is truly hot when it is almost 90 degrees outside and it feels cooler outside than it does inside your home!(P.S. Air-conditioning unit stop cooling yesterday afternoon) So, it was a no-brainer that I would take my morning walk outside today....even though it has been something that I have avoided as of late because of the oppressive temperatures.

As I walked up the street I began to hear the fenced dogs barking as I must have riled them up as I walked by. I try to think of it as a doggie serenade. (Right!)

When I came upon a neighbor with is dog out in the front yard, he began to bark quite loudly at me (the dog, not the neighbor!). As I approached them both, I tried to calm the dog down...but, it was not to be and he remained quite agitated with me (again, the dog, not the neighbor!). So, as I walked away, I laughed as the following words came spilling out of my mouth: "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get you so excited. I have that affect on men."

One of those moments when you want to bang yourself on side of the head and say: "What did I just say?"

On up the street I came upon a beautiful home that had been sold and resold and then put into foreclosure and sold again.

Unfortunately, the newest owners are not taking care of it the way the previous owners did. I had to laugh as I saw the sprinkler system going full blast and the huge abundance of sprouted weeds being watered profusely. I couldn't help but think how delighted these lush, green weeds must have felt to be receiving such good care!

Further down the road there is this house that is newly built. The story was that the owners took apart the old home that was on the property and donated it to a homeless family (how nice). Section by section I watched as the builders removed parts of the home and placed it on a truck.

While it was a lovely home, the new home being constructed was at least 2 1/2 times as large and much more modern.

Move ahead almost a year...and I have noticed that it seems as if the construction was stopped before everything was finished. The outside painting is not done, the drive is unfinished, and weeds are beginning to grow all over the place.

It makes me wonder if the rough economy got the better of these people, too??

When I called the A.C. service people yesterday they asked if I changed my filters regularly and if not, to change them. So, I did. They weren't too bad, but certainly in need of changing. I'm usually pretty good about doing that...however I wasn't quite as prudent this time around.

So, last night, I slept with just the fan blowing on my a.c. system and, of course, my ceiling fan going full blast. It was hot, but bearable. With today's temps projected to rise into the 90's I had my concerns about how it would be later today and tonight if we did not get it fixed before the day was over.

Well, since writing this post today, I decided to give the system one more try and turned everything back on. To my air is coming through my vents!!! It could be that the pipes were just frozen up...or....that....

Miracles do happen..........

....but, just in case, make sure that you change your a.c. filters regularly!


pheromone girl said...

I vote for miracles. They really do happen - especially to wonderful people!

JeanMac said...

Yeah for air conditioning!