Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little bits of Life.

Update: The good news is that my recently flooded basement (new) carpeting will be arriving tomorrow and put down this Thursday! I am so looking forward to not having to work down there with the cold concrete floor.

Maybe now the commode will be put back in the bathroom where it belongs....one can only hope.


Well, we went from a touch of springtime weather to very cold temperatures in a matter of a day or two. I'm glad that I enjoyed the warmth while we had it.


My Mah Jongg game on Monday's is back in full swing now. My two friends are finished with their chemo/radiation treatments and the friend with the foot surgery can now drive! We are on the mend.

We are slowly getting better at the game...but still find ourselves laughing hysterically at our little confusions and such. Such fun. I like that we aren't taking it TOO seriously...and I love that I am having to use my (aging) brain at least once a week!


I made Dave a delicious birthday dinner last night: crabcakes, polenta, and salad with some red wine and birthday cake for dessert.

He is leaving town to visit with his mom for several days....so, it looks like I will be eating the leftovers! Mmmmmmmm. : )


So, Dancing with the Stars has started again. It is quite a varied group again with everyone from Kate Gosselin to Buzz Aldrin. Unfortunately, 80 year old Buzz dances like he still has his moon boots on....but, I have to give him credit for getting out there and doing it.

The Show is a great piece of fluff to keep my mind off of some of the stuff going on all around the world right now...


And, speaking about what is going on right now, I am so troubled by the state of affairs right here in our own country. During the Health Care debate....the anger and, even, rage, that was coming out of our leader's mouths was (and continues to be) quite distressing. We have become so divided with each side vehemently feeling that they are right. It is not only divisive and a bit frightening, but quite embarrassing, too.

From what I have read so far...I do not agree with everything that is in the new bill....but, I am thrilled that all people will be able to be taken care of with insurance whether there is a pre-existing condition or not. It is going to close the gap as far as taking care of our elderly and poorer segments of the population...and, I think that is a right and a necessity.

I am anxious for the healing to begin....soon.


I am heading down to the (dungeon) studio to get my hands in clay before the day gets by me...xoxo


Tabor said...

This bill is a mess, but we have to go forward or we will NEVER have health care reform. I do not understand why there is so much fear, but a good number of citizens actually think that Obama is in league with Muslim terrorists! Now I am gravely concerned about our media and our educational system.

Granny Annie said...

You sure caught us up on everything. Love knowing your friends are recovering well from chemo, radiation, foot surgery etc. and you guys can gather again. My Sil is also beginning to feel hope since her breast cancer surgery.

Our beautiful Spring also disappeared momentarily on the first official day of Spring. We received cold high winds accompanied by sleet and snow with the snow building up to 8 inches. Then as suddenly as it arrived it began to rapidly disappear with temperatures back in the 40s the next day. Crazy world!