Thursday, March 25, 2010

My carpet's down! My carpet's down!

Yay. My flood damaged basement is finally starting to take shape!

Of course, I had 4 gentlemen working in my home today....none of whom spoke a word of English.

Wait, that's wrong. Several of them asked me if they could use my restroom in perfectly enunciated English...I guess that they have had to perfect that question in times of need. : )

Of course, I tried to use a little (very little) of my Spanish knowledge from high school (a million years ago!) to talk with them....It was mostly "hola", "gracias", "por favor" and "muy bueno"...that's about it for my Spanish vocabulary. They seemed to get a kick out of my feeble attempts.

All in all they did a great feels so nice to walk on carpeted softness instead of dusty, dirty, cold concrete.

Unfortunately, they ran out of the flooring for the bathroom after doing the laundry, they will have to come back next week to finish up.

But, for now I am happy to see progress finally being made down, no complaints from me!

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Beverly said...

I know that you are relieved that the end is in sight.

I taught first graders who spoke no English for several years, and those were the first words in English that they learned..."Where is the bathroom?" It's all about survival, LOL