Wednesday, April 28, 2010

44 hours with Celia

I just spent a day and a half with my granddaughter, Celia.

My body is tired, but my heart is full.

She is such a joy...and when she and Mommy headed back to the airport early this morning the house felt very empty and way too quiet.

The day was filled with hugs and laughter as well as a few missteps along the way. My "mommy skills" are a bit rusty and I have forgotten several things. But, as we all say; "What happens at Grammie's, stays at Grammie's"! ha ha

The first outing that we took was to a local park filled with great climbing, swinging, etc. etc. I also had a bottle of bubble blowing magic solution handy, too.

After a few minutes I realized that she wasn't really into it....and when a girlfriend arrived to visit with us....she pretty much spent the next few minutes clinging to me. Not that I minded the was quite nice....but, I wanted her to be having a good time and she obviously wasn't. Even the bubble blowing excitement wore off after a minute or two. The crankiness continued when I finally had an "ah hah moment"....she was tired and quite ready for a nap. I forgot that she was still on Eastern time here in the Central time zone. So, I carried her back to the car, took her back home, gently put her in the crib and, within seconds....she was out like a light! Two and a half hours later (when she finally awoke) I realized that his child had been plain exhausted!

After the nap, in a much better mood, we had lunch together (she's loving the watermelon in the picture above) and then headed off to get some new shoes. I sang all of the old nursery rhyme songs that I could think of as we drove...she seemed to get a kick out of that...and kept saying "more, more" when each song was finished. Be still my heart.

At the shoe store she charmed everyone with that adorable grin, big eyes and full head of curls, curls, curls! She picked out a pair of bright red patent leather Mary Jane shoes from one of the shelves...but, I didn't think that her parents would be too thrilled if I sent her home in those (!!), we ended up with a more conservative pair of cute, cute sneakers and a little "cupcake" barrette for her hair. As we walked out of the store, she waved good-bye to all and began to blow kisses. Oh, oh, oh. : )

Back to the park we went with her new shoes on and she had a great time. We went down the slide together (note to myself: you are getting a bit too old to go down those long, winding sliding boards, Grammie!), I pushed her on the toddler swing and the hanging tire, she climbed and explored and ran and visited with some doggies and on and on.....

I watched this precious angel just being a "kid" and sighed as I remembered my own boys at this free spirited and full of life.

We picked up Mommy Janet at 4 p.m. and from that point out everything was about the "mommy"....Grammie wasn't the top banana anymore.

But, I was so grateful for the time that I had with her that I really didn't mind the change in my popularity....I had had my special moments and lots of great memories....

And, that is the way that it should be.....Mommy deserves to be the safe and loving arms for her to be in....and, truthfully, I wouldn't have had it any other way.

(Thanks, Mommy Janet, for my wonderful 44 hours with your precious daughter....and Daddy Jeffrey, I am sending her back to you reluctantly..but, thanks for "loaning" them both to me for a few sweet days!)

...until next time....xoxo

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Granny Annie said...

Be prepared for the sad day when your grandchildren go from "more,more,more" about your singing to "Stop! Don't sing Granny." Oh woe.