Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's Derby time again!

I've got my hat made for this year's Kentucky Derby.....and, I will be wearing it for the Fillies race (The Oaks) on Friday where they honor the breast cancer survivors and encourage everyone to wear some pink.

Dave and I leave first thing tomorrow morning as we head to Louisville for our traditional trip. He has been going for many, many years...for me, it has been about 5-6.

As usual, we will stay with his good friends in their historic home in Lexington....always crazy and fun!

Unfortunately, the weathermen aren't giving us very good news for the weekend there...but, I am hoping that their forecasts will be "off" this time and the rain and storms will pass us by!

In the meantime, I must go pack....and, you can bet that I will be including my umbrella!

: )

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Beverly said...

Have of my best friends will be there...She will have on a pink case you see her :)