Friday, April 23, 2010

Junk Food Heaven

There was a great art show in downtown Birmingham today. The weather was perfect and the art was interesting, eclectic, and fun...but, nothing could top the food that was available from the vendors that lined the streets.

There was everything from fresh squeezed lemonade to bar b que sandwiches to ice cream cones to Greek chicken wrapped up in pita with salad inside...etc. , etc.

As I ate lunch with the Girlies, I couldn't resist snapping this photo of two of them enjoying the finer delicacies available today: a.) the fried funnel cake with powdered sugar on top and b.) sweet potato curly fries.

Who needs salad when you can eat this stuff? : )


Tabor said...

Such healthy and low calorie refreshment!

Granny Annie said...

don't you just hate giving in to junk food at home when you could save up the calories to indulge yourself at a good fair or carnival?